Installing the Plugin

Live SHINE  was implemented as plugin extension to Google Chrome. It should run in any version above 50. In this post, we present the steps to install the plugin.

1) Run Chrome. Access chrome://extensions by type this URL in the address bar. This will open the Extensions page in a new Tab.

2) On this page, make sure that the “Developer mode” is checked.

Screen Shot 2016-06-07 at 11.20.54.png

3) Locate the “LiveShine.crx” in you filesystem and drag it to the Extensions page.

4) Confirm that you want to install the Live SHINE plugin by clicking the “Add extension” button. The plugin should be now installed.


5) Browse through the Extensions page looking for the installed Live SHINE plugin. Make sure it is marked as “Enabled”.

6) The Live SHINE action button should now show up in your browser’s Extension bar.


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