Using Live SHINE

Using Live SHINE is rather simple, in particular for those that are used to the traditional SHINE’s interface. In the following, we provide a quick explanation on how to use it and what is going on in the background. Before reading it, you may want to now how to install the plugin, and how to activate it for use. Also, for now, in the testing period, Live SHINE can only be used by registered users.

Below we have a typical screenshot from Live SHINE’s interface.

Screen Shot 2016-06-24 at 07.32.01

1) Select one conference from the drop-down field. You can type parts of the conference name or its acronym to help with the selection. Notice that LIVE Shine works with a predefined set of conferences. If you want some conference to be added, leave a message in the blog.

2) Select the initial and final year of the interval you want to search from the respective drop-down fields.

3) The plugin will show a list of papers in descending order of the number of citations. Besides the usual paper metadata, each entry in the list also shows a timestamp identifying when the current citation count was last updated for this paper. The list is divided into two sublists. One with papers that contribute to the H-index and one those that do not contribute.

4) The information on the H-index computed for the conference in the period selected is presented on the left upper corner of the interface.

5) On the lower left corner, the system shows a panel informing that the plugin is sending queries to Google Scholar on behalf of the user to get updated citation data for the papers from the target conference. If the are no papers in this conference that are considered as outdated with respect to its citation data, the plugin will not issue any queries. The citation data collected is sent to SHINE’s database, so that other users can benefit from this update operations.

6) As the queries are sent to GS after the list of papers is generated for the current query, the data gathered by alter the the current results. In this case, citations on the current screen may be updated to reflect the data gathered by these queries.


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5 Responses to Using Live SHINE

  1. avallecillo says:

    I am missing the “ECMFA” conference, which was the successor of “ECMDA”. In fact, they are both the same but after 2010 the name was changed. ECMFA=”European Conference on Modelling, Foundations and Applications”.
    Check for instance


  2. avallecillo says:

    In fact, the papers are there under ECMDA conference, but all their citations are 0…


  3. avallecillo says:

    I am also missing the TOOLS conference


  4. leomurta says:

    I am collecting with the Brazilian software engineering community some conferences that are not currently on Qualis. Please, find the list here, on the “Adições” tab:


    • leomurta says:

      In the tab “Mudanças” of the same spreadsheet there are some conferences that are already present in the 2013 Qualis but changed their name since then.


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