Problem with Plugin Disabling

Edson and Antonio are reporting that their browser is disabling the plugin frequently, and they have to re-enable it many times. Is something else having the same problem? Anyway, it seems that this problem is related to the fact that we are not publishing the extension in Chrome Store. We are going to do this soon (I’ll let you know) and let’s see if solves the issues. Thanks to Edson and Antonio!

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4 Responses to Problem with Plugin Disabling

  1. leomurta says:

    I have the same issue here. And worse: the “enable” checkbox is disabled, so I need to uninstall and reinstall the plugin every time I restart chrome. See what Chrome says:


    • Altigran says:

      Thank you Léo Murta (We have another Léo in the team :-)). David is taking care of it soon.


  2. gmecca says:

    There is a workaround that works on Mac OS X and might work on other platforms. To force enable the plug-in, you can install another extension:

    Chrome Apps & Extensions Developer Tool

    It will allow to browse your other extensions and enable those that are not from the store.


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