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Version 19 is out!

We have just released a new version of the plugin. You can obtain it from the Dropbox Link or from Chrome Store. This version includes filters that enable users to select and update a subset of the papers being shown. Thanks … Continue reading

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News on Scholar Bans

Gianni Meca has successfully used VPNs to avoid GS bans. He and the Italian folks are using the following Google Chrome plugin: He advises that one may need to try a few VPNs at first, before finding one that is fast and … Continue reading

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Live SHINE Plugin on Chrome Store

Dear friends, the plugin is now available in the Chrome Store Live SHINE plugin !!! Thanks David!

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Strategies for Updating Citation Data [Updated]

To give you a better idea of how we try to get citation data up to date, I describe here the types of queries sent by the LIVE SHINE plugin to GS on the user’s behalf to update the citation … Continue reading

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Missing some conference?

To construct the current Live SHINE database, we started from the original SHINE database. Thus, first of all, we only have conferences that were previously in SHINE. Furthermore,  we have also filtered out all conferences for which we have not detected regular … Continue reading

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Why some papers are not updated?

You are probably experiencing cases in which papers in the list are not updated, even after several trials. There are two important cases to distinguish. First case: just a few papers are updated and several are not. This is probably … Continue reading

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Problem with Plugin Disabling

Edson and Antonio are reporting that their browser is disabling the plugin frequently, and they have to re-enable it many times. Is something else having the same problem? Anyway, it seems that this problem is related to the fact that … Continue reading

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Sending comments, questions, observations and suggestions

This blog was created to receive your comments, questions, observations and suggestions and share them with the community of users so that everybody can benefit. So, please, use it to communicate with us. You, as a registered user, is allowed to … Continue reading

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Using Live SHINE

Using Live SHINE is rather simple, in particular for those that are used to the traditional SHINE’s interface. In the following, we provide a quick explanation on how to use it and what is going on in the background. Before reading … Continue reading

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Become a User

In this initial phase, we are relying on a very small community of users to help us testing the tool before opening to the community.  Thus, to use the plugin, the e-mail of users must be registered. We have already registered … Continue reading

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